Cars Chick Hicks #86

Blog dedicated to Disney Pixar Cars Movie Character Chick Hicks #86. Chick Hicks is the antagonist race car in the Disney Movie Cars. He has a chip on his shoulder and wants to win the Piston Cup title at any cost. He gives The King and Lightning McQueen a run for their money - without this character, CARs would have been boring.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Chick Hicks #86 Pit Stop Store

Check out this new site - compiled of great Disney Cars Toys, bedding, beds, clothing, merchandise of kind. The site has compiled some great Cars Themed Toys, Clothing, Bedding, Furniture, Collectibles and I am sure a number of other items that I have forgotten to mention. It is just nice finding a page with several resources for what I am searching on. I find that it saves me time from searching all over the internet. The great thing is that because it is an Amazon network - it also lists items that are used, so I picked up a "used" Chick Hicks car for the kids to play with. The one in the package will probably remain that way indefinitely if my husband has anything to say about it.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mattel Chick Hicks #86

Here is another image of Mattel's Chick Hicks outside of the package. The demand for this car continue to grows - I am wondering just high it will go around the holidays.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chick Hicks - Is it Ricky Rudd #26 Quaker State Car?

According to the NASCAR diehards in my family, they believe that the Chick Hicks #86 Race Car is bears a strong resemblance, both in design and color, to a car driven by Ricky Rudd in 1988-1989. Here is an old photo of Ricky Rudd and his #26 Green & White Quaker State sponsored Buick. This has not been proven, but just some strong similarities. Perhaps one of the movie's creators/designers was a fan of Ricky Rudd.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chick Hicks - Stick Shifty

I just really like this image of Chick Hicks - it comes from the Disney Pixar studios. It was the Chick Hicks Character Sheet/Poster.

Chick Hicks Toy Has Big Price Tag

While doing my research on these collectibles - I just came across a website selling the Disney/Mattel Single Pack Chick Hicks 1:64 scale being sold for $47.99 I am still finding this same product on Amazon and ebay for significantly cheaper. They sites are selling it new and also selling some used ones. In fact I just saw one on Amazon for $31.99 - cheaper but still a big price tag given the original price of these toys.

Click here for eBay!

Chick Hicks Toys In High Demand

Chick Hicks toys - particularly the Mattel Single Packs - continue to be hot items on ebay. Maybe we love the antagonist race car more than they expected us to - afterall, its so easy to like Lightning McQueen. I also think the fact that McDonald's did not include a Chick Hicks model in the Happy Meal Cars promotion this summer makes this character a bit more desirable to collectors. To find out the other 12 hottest and hardest to find Cars Collectibles - check out this article. You'll want to know so that you can grab an extra Chick Hicks or Lizzie Mattel diecast is one if you are fortunate to find one on the store shelves.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chick Hicks in the Movie Database

Found this great link to the Internet Movie Cars Database - a site dedicated to information and discussion on the make and model of all cars appearing in movies. The discussion on Chick Hicks is around the model of the car it is based on - the general thought is that it is likely to be late 1980's Buick Regal - though not an exact replica.

Chick Hicks #86 Trivia

* Chick's number (86) refers to the year of release of Pixar's first short, Luxo Jr..
* According to Cars director John Lasseter, the number also refers to "86-ing" someone, as in throwing them out.[4]
* His primary sponsor is the "Hostile Takeover Bank".
* In a nightmare that Lightning had after his first encounter with Frank the Combine Harvester, Chick gets shredded by Frank, who wins the race.
* When he hears Chick's voice on the radio outside Lizzie's, Lightning has a nightmarish daydream in which a triumphant Chick wins the Piston Cup and Dinoco sponsorship.
* Chick's driving style is believed by some to be similar to that of the late Dale Earnhardt, however, it is closer to current NASCAR driver Tony Stewart, who is known for aggressive driving and a tendency to lose his temper on and off the track.
* Certain merchandising text (most notably that for the "Piston Cup Track Set" from Mattel) refers to Chick as "Chick Murphy". It is unclear whether this was the character's original name, or if it was simply a mistake.

Chick Hicks #86

Looking for Chick Hicks trading cars, wallpaper, and screensavers - you get get all the Chick Hicks stuff on the Disney Cars Home Page. They even has a Chick Hicks AIM icon that you can Download. Pretty Great Stuff.

Cars #86 Chick Hicks Fan Blog

I decided to start blogs for specific Disney Cars Characters - hoping this keeps things organized. This blog will post images, articles and resources for all things related to Chick Hicks.